Sunday, December 25, 2011

Gone Fishing in Gardner, KS

Katie, Zach & the kidos came out to the farm several weeks back for some good ole country fun. Katie is my photography portage and she also has super cute kids! What started as a photo lesson turned into a double photo shoot. Not that the kids had any idea! They were far to busy doing my 2 favorite parts of fishing: casting and throwing fish food in the lake. :) As always, it is a total pleasure to work with such a fun & beautiful family. Enjoy the pics!

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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blake + Katie = Best episode of Glee ever!

I realize it has been ages and ages since I've updated my dear little blog. :) I added a business facebook page into the mix, and admittedly, the "new baby" has been getting all of mommy's attention! In an attempt to ease some of my blog's "middle child syndrome," I give you the super awesome wedding photos of Blake & Katie! The incredibly talented Robert Pope was my right hand man. Shooting at the Highland Manor in Apopka, FL was like a visual candy store! Absolutely beautiful! I simply can't find the words to convey how wonderful it was to work with Blake & Katie and their families. They are such sweet, genuine people who have so much love and support for everyone they meet. Not to mention they are a blast! As you will see, they definitely know how to laugh, be silly & have a great time! You guys are top-notch!
Also, I have jumped on the crazy booth bandwagon and included some of those. [2,109,238,905 times better than table shots.]

Bride walks in, NBD

Groom walks in, NBD. But he looks up to something...

Then he runs in and JUMPS OVER HER!!!
T H A T, is an introduction!!!

Here is where it gets GLEEful. The boys back up Blake while he serenades Katie.
[Fin has nothing on you man!]

And the cake.....