Sunday, April 24, 2011

Blake + Katie = Best episode of Glee ever!

I realize it has been ages and ages since I've updated my dear little blog. :) I added a business facebook page into the mix, and admittedly, the "new baby" has been getting all of mommy's attention! In an attempt to ease some of my blog's "middle child syndrome," I give you the super awesome wedding photos of Blake & Katie! The incredibly talented Robert Pope was my right hand man. Shooting at the Highland Manor in Apopka, FL was like a visual candy store! Absolutely beautiful! I simply can't find the words to convey how wonderful it was to work with Blake & Katie and their families. They are such sweet, genuine people who have so much love and support for everyone they meet. Not to mention they are a blast! As you will see, they definitely know how to laugh, be silly & have a great time! You guys are top-notch!
Also, I have jumped on the crazy booth bandwagon and included some of those. [2,109,238,905 times better than table shots.]

Bride walks in, NBD

Groom walks in, NBD. But he looks up to something...

Then he runs in and JUMPS OVER HER!!!
T H A T, is an introduction!!!

Here is where it gets GLEEful. The boys back up Blake while he serenades Katie.
[Fin has nothing on you man!]

And the cake.....


  1. Haha these pics are great! Looks like a fun wedding :)

  2. I love it. Jovee I hope you will shoot my wedding when I get married...