Friday, August 7, 2009

Photo Contest Friday Returns!!

Wow, it has been AGES since the last photo contest and I am terribly sorry for my lack of foresight. I was traveling every weekend last month and even if the airport advertises free wi-fi... that doesn't meant it actually works at a speed conducive to um... loading google.

So to make it up to you, I give you not 1, but 3 photos from the contest for "Favorite Photo"


Beth Weaver

This beautiful photo is from her honeymoon in Florida. Awe, how romantic & obviously sentimental!
[Also... congratulations!]

Joel and the Pig Roast

Daniel Friedman
[click me!]

This photo was taken at summer camp of the head cook preparing a pig roast. There was much anticipation for this feast & it made for a memorable and well-framed photo!

Blow me some smoke

Karina Picache
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This photo is from early on in the career of Karina, and understandably an enduring favorite! That face, wow, does it make anyone else think of Johnny Depp?

so there you have it... 3 awesome favorites and 1 penitent blogger :)

Moving right along and onto the NEXT... PHOTO.... CHALLENGE.......

D E T A I L S H O T !


Details, details, details, yes sir-e it only takes a teeny little interesting piece of the scene to tell the story, and often in a far more powerful way. So this week when you're shooting... stop & take a closer look. Then send your awesome detail shot to:

Happy shooting, and don't forget, less is more :)

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